About us

About us

Berkeley Life

At Berkeley Life, we’re committed to generating awareness of Nitric Oxide’s crucial role in healthy aging. And we’re focused on helping proactive healthcare practitioners incorporate Nitric Oxide (NO) into their protocols for patients who aspire to live long and age well.

Our products deliver clinically proven, consistent results to support and amplify Nitric Oxide levels — in non-invasive, easy-to-use forms that practitioners and patients love.

We believe use of our products is best determined through trusted, 1-on-1 conversations between practitioners and patients. Therefore, we offer our science-backed, state-of-the-art Nitric Oxide solutions exclusively to healthcare practitioners in support of optimal patient outcomes.

Currently, Berkeley Life products are used successfully by top practitioners around the country — and our practitioner relationships continue to inspire product improvements.

The Berkeley Life Difference

Did you know that most direct-to-consumer Nitric Oxide supplements follow an ineffective pathway for Nitric Oxide production, and thus don’t sufficiently raise NO levels? There is no quality or efficacy testing for these supplements, and they are often powdered, messy, and hard to dose.

Berkeley Life supplements feature a clinically effective, two-capsule dose of quality dietary nitrates that are proven to support Nitric Oxide production and increase NO levels. Berkeley Life products are backed by peer-reviewed clinical research — and we work with industry-leading clinicians who guide us in all areas of product development.

A Partner in Wellness

At Berkley Life, we take a hands-on approach in training practitioners and their staff on the functionality of Nitric Oxide in the body, and how to best support their patients as they supplement with our products. Across the country, our practitioner partners report that Berkeley Life products help them to create more successful clinical practices, by helping their patients become healthier and happier.

We’re on a mission to make Nitric Oxide an essential part of everyday life by increasing awareness and use of Nitric Oxide supplementation — and we welcome you to join us.

For more information on the research being done by our team, or to access additional educational content, please visit our science page. Or reach out to us directly at info@berkeleylife.com.

To the well-being of all,

The Berkeley Life Team

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