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About us

Berkeley Life Professional

At Berkeley Life, we are committed to spreading awareness of nitric oxide’s role in healthy aging. We are focused on offering science-backed, state-of-the-art nitric oxide solutions to healthcare practitioners in support of optimal patient outcomes.

Berkeley Life products are backed by peer-reviewed clinical research, and we work with industry-leading clinicians who guide us in all areas of the company development.

Berkeley Life was first launched in early 2017 as a direct to consumer offering with the intention of building consumer awareness of nitric oxide’s ability to support healthy blood pressure levels.

As we dug deeper into the myriad of potential applications for nitric oxide, it became clear that the product applications were best handled through the 1-on-1, trusted conversations of a practitioner and their patient. Thus, we pivoted from a direct-to-consumer brand to a practitioner-only focus.

Berkeley Life Professional is now used successfully by top practitioners around the country. We have added a proprietary test strip to practitioner protocols as a tool for assessing nitric oxide levels and facilitating patient conversations. Our transparent practitioner relationships continue to inspire product improvements, including transitions to a vegetarian capsule and reformulations to make us fully clean label.

Today, our team continues our hands-on approach in training practitioners and their staff on the functionality of nitric oxide in the body, and how to best support their patients as they supplement with Berkeley Life.  Across the country, our practitioner partners have seen Berkeley Life succeed in creating healthier, happier patients, and more successful clinical practices.

We welcome you to join us in our mission of improving public health through the potential of nitric oxide.

For more information on the research being done by our team, or access to additional educational content, please visit our science page, or reach out to us directly at info@berkeleylife.com.


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