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Berkeley Life Direct Referral Program makes Nitric Oxide support easier for you and your patients*

Nitric oxide (N-O) plays a significant role in the cardiovascular system. We all have the ability to make Nitric Oxide naturally, but we produce less of it as we age. Berkeley Life’s Nitric Oxide products provide you with an easy protocol to test, supplement, and support Nitric Oxide levels in your patients.*

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Free Nitric Oxide education book with every consultation

Practitioner-Only Nitric Oxide Supplement

Direct to your patients
  • Remove inventory and manage overhead costs
  • Eliminate start-up costs
  • Easy ordering for patients
  • Gain recurring monthly revenue
  • Increase practice revenue
  • Can support patient protocols

How it works



Schedule a call with our concierge team who will provide more information on the program and help you register for the patient direct program.


Get Free Support

Our team will provide marketing support to help you educate patients on the importance of Nitric Oxide.


Recommend Berkeley Life

Start recommending Berkeley Life. Patients will be able to order online using your Unique Practitioner Code and you’ll be paid monthly.


Track Patient Reorders

You will have ongoing access to real-time patient ordering from Berkeley Life.

Integrate Nitric Oxide

With Berkeley Life

Step 1:

Test Nitric Oxide in Seconds

Berkeley Life’s range of clinically-tested products are designed to support healthy Nitric Oxide levels in your patients.


Our system starts with our test strip – allowing easy testing of Nitric Oxide levels at home or in practice.


This non-invasive saliva test checks Nitric Oxide production in under 15 seconds. Patients can test at home to monitor progress.

Step 2:

Support Nitric Oxide Levels*

Nitric Oxide depleted patients are recommended our Nitric Oxide support supplement. This proprietary formula provides a plant-equivalent dietary nitrate.


Our two capsule daily dose contains the dietary nitrate equivalent of 5 oz. of spinach or 7 oz. of beets*.


Supporting Nitric Oxide levels helps*:


–  Maintain normal, healthy blood pressure levels*

–  Vascular health & circulation*

–  Cardiovascular health*

And more…

Free Nitric Oxide Education Book With Every Consultation

Written by Dr. Nathan S. Bryan, this book describes the role of Nitric Oxide in human health. Nitric Oxide is one of the most important molecules produced by humans and is considered the “Holy Grail” in cardiovascular medicine.


This eye-opening book teaches how the body makes NO, what goes wrong in people that can’t make NO, and perhaps most importantly, how to restore the production of this “miracle molecule”.

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