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“One of the most exciting recent discoveries in physiology is about the role nitric oxide plays in optimizing circulation. What’s exciting is that there’s a natural approach to boosting nitric oxide.


Among the new crop of nitric oxide supplements, my favorite is the professional quality formulation from Berkeley Life. Read more about how it works.”

Dr. Ronald Hoffman
Host – Intelligent Medicine

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Learn about the Power of Nitric Oxide

Berkeley Life provides you with the an easy to use, daily supplement to help support healthy circulation.

Nitric Oxide plays a significant role in the cardiovascular system. We all have the ability to make Nitric Oxide naturally, but we produce less of it as we age. In order to address this decline, we need to increase our intake of nitrates through our diet or supplementation.

Easy Access to Nitric Oxide Support Courtesy of Dr. Hoffman

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How it works


Nitric Oxide Testing

15 seconds is all you need to indicate your Nitric Oxide levels. See an improvement within 90 minutes of taking Berkeley Life.


Dietary Nitrate Support

Each two capsule dose of Berkeley Life provides the equivalent of 5 oz of spinach or 7 oz of beets.


Systemic Nitric Oxide

Berkeley Life helps support circulation throughout the body and can help support existing wellness goals.


Inside Out Benefits

Add the Berkeley Life Nitric Oxide Serum to get the inside-out benefits of Nitric Oxide.

Add Berkeley Life

to your Wellness Plan

Step 1:

Test Nitric Oxide in Seconds

Berkeley Life’s range of clinically-tested products are designed to support healthy Nitric Oxide levels.


Our system starts with our test strip – allowing easy testing of Nitric Oxide levels at home or with your healthcare practitioner.


This non-invasive saliva test checks Nitric Oxide production in under 15 seconds.

Step 2:

Support Nitric Oxide Levels*

If your Nitric Oxide is depleted we recommend starting each day with Berkeley Life. This proprietary formula provides a plant-equivalent dietary nitrate.


Our two capsule daily dose contains the dietary nitrate equivalent of 5 oz of spinach or 7 oz of beets*.


Supporting Nitric Oxide levels helps*:


–  Maintain normal, healthy blood pressure levels*

–  Vascular health & circulation*

– Support Energy Levels and Vitality*

And more…

If you have any questions, please reach out to the Berkeley Life Team.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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