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Are you are interested in taking steps to boost your levels of heart-healthy, natural dietary nitrates? Are you aware that your body converts these plant-based compounds to nitric oxide, a harmless gas, which your body uses to control blood pressure, and to support cardiovascular health?

Increasing your nitric oxide levels through exercise, diet, and supplementation may help increase your energy and vitality, and may help maintain normal healthy blood pressure levels and a healthy cardiovascular system.*

If you are interested in getting more of these natural nutrients into your diet—conveniently and consistently, look no further than Berkeley Life. We have the supplements that harness the power of nature’s superfood sources of heart-healthy dietary nitrates.*

Berkeley Life Heart Health Supplements can be purchased at all locations listed. Featuring our proprietary NOx: BP Complex, Berkeley Life Heart Health Supplements help support healthy nitric oxide levels in the body, and overall cardiovascular health*. Berkeley Life Beet Root Powder and Berkeley Test Nitric Oxide Saliva Test Strips may be purchased at select retailers throughout the United States, which may include:

Simply enter your ZIP code in the handy store locator, indicate the extent of your desired search area, and click Find Stores. We’ve made it easy to find the store located nearest to you, where you can purchase select Berkeley Life products.